tisdag 26 maj 2015

The mighty Char-B

After some skirmishes in the desert, Axel and I decided it was time for a fight in France. Stepping up from our previous 600 points battle we added 200 points, and I figured it was time for a tank!

I used my french troops, so I had, all regular:

  • Commander
  • 3x10 men squads
  • 1 MMG
  • 1 medium mortar
  • 1 light howitzer
  • 1 Light AT gun
  • 1 Char B
Axel used:
  • Commander (Vet)
  • Medic (Reg)
  • 3x 10 men squads (Vet)
  • 1 light howitzer (Reg)
  • 1 Panzer III (Reg)
  • 1 Sd Kfz 222 (Reg)
As there was only mission in the book that Axel hadn't played yet we choose that on, Demolition.

I used my MMG and light AT gun to defend my objective, on the right flank I placed the light howitzer to hinder the rapid 222 to swing round my flank and attack me in my back. The Char B and a infantry squad was deployed to be my attack force, but they were close to my objective if thinks went sour early on in the battle.

The light AT gun got in to a duel with the panzer III, which the french won, mostly because of their Hidden status.

Meanwhile the char B scored a hit with its howitzer and main gun on a German squad, this combined with the destruction of the Panzer III hindered the German advance. So from this point the Germans on this side of the table went in to defensive mode. They still had a chance to destroy the french objective with the 222, but it was boxed in by terrain and could only take a chance and go through the fire from the French light howitzer. A well placed shoot destroyed its wheels and the German hope on changing the course of the battle.

In the center the slow Char B slowly but surely rolled on to the objective destroying it and winning the French a victory without to many French loses.

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  1. Det ser bra ut, nu blir jag sugen på att måla upp mina jänkare. :-)