onsdag 13 maj 2015

By fire and sword - Minitournament in Gothenburg

To get things going in the Gothenburg area a friend of mine, Steffo, held a By fire and sword tournament last weekend. Eager to get some more players into the game Andreas and I went north over the day to play! Robin was supposed to go to but was mysteriously lost...

I played my full Zasieczna guard, four Border dragoon companies, three field dragoons companies, two servant cossacks sotnias and two cannons. With two commanders its nice FSP and 22 reconnaissance points.

As most of the players was really new to the game, most had never played, Steffo decided to try but a "veteran" against in a new player in most games. This to help the newer players learn the game quicker.

In my first game I played against David who played a small Cossack list, we rolled for scenario and it turned out to be 'Delay the enemy'. I had just played this scenario a couple weeks ago against Alex Cossacks, this time around I was the stronger player though. So knowing the troubles Alex had to get to the objectives I was glad to have a lot of dragoons in my force. The closest hill was well defended by a big unit of Moloitsy, this one I only "threatened" with my border dragoons. They also got the roll of watching my right flank.

I used my field dragoons (who got forced march) to attack the weaker defended rear hill, they were also supported with my two cannons. David wagons did successfully stop this attack, so by turn three or four I realized that I would be able to attack any of the hills, I managed to get four bases of skirmish sotnias of his table edge though so all was not lost.

Second game was against Jesper that played a small Tatar list, we rolled for scenario and even though he had 4 commands points and a re-roll he only got to choose from 'Forage' and 'Defend the village' of two bad things he choose the later.  I but all my dragoons close to the village to get as many troops inside the village as possible as I outnumbered the tartars and there I was better protected from their arrows than outside. And slowly slowly the Muscovites pushed the tartars from the village, their fear off gunpowder being really useful. I managed to destroy both the forage point and capture the village.

Next up was the Kingdom of Sweden, Andreas and Patrik teamed up so that we would be even
players. So they had a 12 FSP against me, who had 9 FSP, so this time I got to chose scenario which was 'Defend the village' again, this time I was defending though. I  used all of my points difference to get as much troops in the village as possible. A Border dragoon unit four bases strong and two field dragoons musketeer units with two bases each. On each side of the village I but one cannon and a unit of border dragoons  musketeers to protect the flanks and get some nice side shoots on the Swedish reiters as they charged the village. The rest was mounted and ready to get into the village to help defend it as soon as possible. The Swedes sent one reiter unit on each side of the building, the fire from the dragoons and cannons held the of for awhile but on my left flank there was also a armored reiter unit that draw the attention of the supporting units away from the village. So the reiter on the left flank in the village started to press them self into the village but by now I had gotten better close quarter troops inside the village. So I managed to defend the village.

It was great fun to play new opponents, well not new, I´ve meet them all before in other games, but still! The rules are a bit frustrating as their wording often a bit ambiguous and with two rulebooks and many clarifications on their forum its hard to give a definite answer to newer playes. Many times Andreas and I gave completely different answers to the same question...

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