onsdag 27 maj 2015

UK games expo 2015

So its time for UK games Expo in Birmingham, and the Bushido Grand masters! Just finished painting and basing om my Silvermoon trade Syndicate. Really looking forward to get to play Bushido, sadly I haven't had the time to play as much as I wanted to. I played three times with Silvermoons, one of them with the list I am bringing to the Expo.

The figures are nice individually, but lack in consistency throughout  the range. For example so are Fitiaumua and Manu similar in look, but scale wise they are totally different, Manu being much bigger. Tautola seems to be a complete different race than the other two. If you compare to Ryu´s Mikio, who fits much better into his range as a whole.

For the Grand masters I´ll use Tautola, Fitiaumua, Manu, Wasapu, Oda and two Kyoaku-Han. The two left over points I'll use for the card 'Dark secrets'. Seems like easy to play list that can work, though in my last game we noticed a weakness in that I have no really good 'VIM'. I think I'll have to paint up one of the Rose models, which could work real well as a 'VIM'.







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