onsdag 29 april 2015

Part 2: Gothcon 2015 - Wild West and Bushido

Second day of Gothcon (or third if you count Thursday). As we got a lot of questions about doing demo games of Bushido during the tournament on Friday, we decided to run a Bushido board next to the Dead mans hand scenario.

We was ready to play from around ten in the morning, but were was the gamers? It was well after lunch until that it started to arrive eager gamers to this part of the convention, so we had time to test Infinity that Burak and Hannes had demo games in the same room as us.

In the afternoon more and more people started to show interest in the games we provided. Peder ran some Bushido demo games while I ran the Dead mans hand scenario.

Showdown at Freewater

Early in the morning the two Pinkertons agents Landon A. Rayborn and Casper Cleveland arrived by train to the town Freewater. In their custody they had Dalton Barothy a notorious outlaw and leader of the Barothy Crew. Their mission to deliver Dalton the Sheriff in Freewater would soon be over. But as they step of the train in the outskirts of Freewater, men with drawn weapons walks towards them...

When we began planing the scenario, we had a big table with the terrain scattered out, but we soon
noticed that a dense table made for more fun games, so Peder made 60x60 cm, the same size and type we use for Bushido. This also got us a extra Bushido board for the tournament. We wanted to have a fast played scenario, with a lot of action and that could easily be played by 2-6 players.

We used Great escape games Dead mans hand as a base for the rules, the thing we removed was "special events" on the initiative cards as we thought it cluttered the rules for a demo/scenario game. Instead we designed a special card deck that we drew one card each turn from, with random happenings. Most of the effects was that either lawmen side och outlaws got help, as the lawmen was outnumbered from the beginning, the cards where stacked a bit in their favor. There was also to Jokers, which was my personal favorites as I love randomness and stories with a twist. One of them was called 'The walking dead', but this card only got used in play testing cause I didn't have time to finish the zombies. The other Joker was 'Its a trap!', this card changed the scenario completely and the Lawmen got to place all available sheriffs and deputies randomly in the surrounding buildings and the victory conditions changed to that if Outlaws got away with more than died they would win the scenario. This card was actually drawn in one game, and quite early on, so it played out very well. Maybe not for the outlaws that didn't get enough men of the table, but as the scenario was fast paced and not that long it was easy to play another round if the players wanted to give it another go.

The Lawmen (Pinkertsons) was set up on the platform behind some cover, as they just stepped of the train. In the open area near to the platform three outlaws began, the three others were spread out in the town. After the first turn, we drew a card from the deck and saw what reinforcements that arrived that turn, it could be civilians that appeared from a random building, these once could support either side. In the deck there was the towns deputies and when they arrived they came from south on the map. The objective for the Lawmen was to get Dalton of the south table edge and to the Sheriffs office. The Outlaws objective was to pick up Dalton and take him to either the west or east.

During Saturday we played about seven games, and those that played seemed to enjoy it. The most fun and intense games was when there were several players involved on each side.

Some highlights :

  • Mitchell "Loner" Jordan probably gets awakened from his slumber in the barn by the fighting outside, mad as hell he steps out with his much feared shotgun. Shooting booth barrels, rolling a natural one.  Out of ammo! 
  • Huestes U. Millikin, a man of God, Minister in Freewaters church and slayer of men! Each time he appeared out of the church men died! A particular funny situation was when Susan Daniels and Huestes both stepped out of the church in the same turn, siding with opposite sides. Susan having the initiative shooting at the priest at point blank, but only wounding him. Huestes turns around killing Susan with a well placed shot.  

The deadliest Minister in the West
The deck of events

Each model had its own card

Peder educates the deadly art of Bushido

Burak the Infinity master

A Gothcon tradition - me pointing

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  1. Bra rapport, jag gillade verkligen Dead mans hand :-) Jag skulle gärna spela fullversionen nån gång.
    Vi synes. / Erik

  2. Du får ta och komma ner till vackra södern, så ska kör vi riktig DMH,

  3. Det låter trevligt. :-) Vi får se om det hinns med i höst eller kanske tidigare.