torsdag 23 april 2015

Part 1: Gothcon 2015 - Bushido tournament

As usual gamers from all over Sweden gathered in Gothenburg this Easter, for Swedens largest gaming convention, Gothcon. This year Peder and I managed to arrange to events over the weekend, a Bushido tournament and Dead mans hand scenario. As the last two years we joined the loose gaming group that is nerds nest, its a group of like minded players that bring either own designed games or scenarios most of the time centered around miniatures. A new thing for this year was that for some reason we were placed in the same building as the shops. The reasoning for this was that we were supposed to draw gamers to the shops, a bit strange as almost all games in Nerds nest is either small games (sales wise) or home brew rules.

We arrived as usual the evening before the event (Thursday).As we both been sick, and actually we were still sick, so by the time we had found our room and but our stuff there I was feeling really sick.

Bushido tournament (Friday)

But by Friday morning I felt much better and we to but everything together for the Bushido tournament. We managed to get ten players for the tournament and we started with the scenario 'The Idols'. In the first game I did have a stand in,  Martin, who had entered the tournament but couldn't play all games. This worked out fine as I got to set things up around the tournament while the others played the first game, and then I could participate in the other two games. Martin did win his game, which explains my place in the end result. After the first game Rickard and Andreas I. shared the top spot with nine points each.

Next up was game two and 'The Envoy', and this was my first game. Prior to the game I realized that I wasn't sure that I had a painted 50 rice gang, so quickly I added up what I had that was painted for Ito clan; Chiyo, Jade mamba guard, Masunagi, Sayoshi, Takeji and Yatsumata.

I meet Carl who played Cult of Yurei, my only experience against the Cult is against an opponent that hasn't played Bushido that much. Carl showed me that they can be really good as I lost 0-3 against him. A great game though and a nice opponent.

By the end of game two Ulf had taken the lead, one point a head of Rickard.

The scenario 'Ninki' was chosen for the third and last game. I played against William who was quite new to Bushido and was playing Savage Wave. That combination worked out fine for me, as Bushido isn't a forgiving game for the beginner and Savage wave being the faction I played against the most. So a 3-0 win for me, but William seemed to have enjoyed and learnt a lot from the tournament.

So after three games we had a winner, a very happy Ulf!

 The Results
1. Ulf (Ryu) - 23 points
2. Andreas I. (Ito) - 20 points
3. Rickard (Ryu) - 19 points
4. Peder (Ryu) - 19 points
5. Oskar (Ito) - 14 points
    Johan (Ito) - 14 points
7. Carl (Yurei) - 12 points
8. Robert (Yurei) - 9 points
9. Andreas R. (Ryu)- 6 points
10. William (Savage) - 0 points

Next up Saturday and Dead mans hand and some Bushido demo games.

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  1. Awesome tables. I would like to ask how is the cobblestone implemented