fredag 23 januari 2015

Normandie ´44 - a FoW battle

Before Christmas Oscar did gather some of Bunkerkommando süds members to play a big FoW battle. We were eight players and each player built a 1200 pints list from either Atlantik wall or Overlord, but only from combat- and weapons platoons.

From the beginning I was supposed to play a offensive infantry list, which I really like. To keep with the Normandie theme I choose my US airborne, but one of the players on our team dropped out, so I got stuck with the role of a defending infantry company.

The allies consisted of
Johan - US airborne company
Hamza - US independent tank company
Andreas - US tank destroyer company
Hans - British tank company

The Axies consisted of
Johan L - German light infantry company
David - German SS company
Micke - German tank company
Christian - German heavy tank company

There was three objectives, one close to each sides board edge and one in the middle, where the german light infantry company was dug-in. My infantry was deployed behind a large wooded area on the other side the germans were dug- in.

The other elements of the armies had to arrive from the board edges at a couple of roads. Oscar had made some new terrain and done a real nice table to play on with lots of terrain. This made it some of hard for the tank companies to advance. This is maybe kind of historic, but it frustrated the hell out of at least the allied tank commanders (which probably is kind of historic too).

I did my best to assault the germans, but had to hold up and wait in the woods for support from the tanks as the german panzers was supporting the defending germans. This is kind of where the battle hit a wall, the hour was late and everybody seemed to had enough FoW for one day. The middle objective was not really controlled by either side so it was kind of a draw.

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