fredag 23 januari 2015

Modern war Bolt Action

A while ago I started to modify Bolt Action rules to use them for playing modern battles. My goal was not to change the basic principles of the rules, but to create an additional module that easily sake be linked to the original rules.
Above all, I tried to create rules for modern weapons, RPGs and anti-material sniper rifles. But obviously, I needed to create rules for helicopters to fight on the modern battlefield. Here I used the Warlords games rules warbirds as the basis

You can find my additions to the rules here but be aware that this is still a work in progress ...

The other day I played and Johan a battle between the USMC and the Taliban with my old 15mm figures that I originally acquired for Force on Force (which I never did learn to play ...) to play test the rule extensions. We played no real scenario. Instead, we selected units that tested the new rules. for example: an AH-64 Apache, units with RPG and a BMP-1 armored fighting vehicle.

After one game test we have so far concluded that the rules work perfectly ok and seems to be relatively balanced. But we came to the conclusion that we must reduce the infantry movement from 6 "to 4" in advance and from 12 "to 8" in run which made the infantry incredibly fast.

Johan also discovered that one should keep his helicopter some distance from units that are armed with RPGs

Our goal is primarily to play cold war gone threat scenarios from the force on force scenario book. We found that 15 mm is perfect for playing cold war battles as they will contain many vehicles. The scale also provides more space to maneuver around on the battlefield. And it does not hurt that Johan has a shitload of 15mm Flames of War terrain, perfect for a war in 1980s Europe.

and now some pictures of the action ...

a USMC platoon has become surrounded in a village

A old Sovjet T55 roll towards the village
a USMC ATGM engages the T55
and takes it out...

USMC MMG engages the enemy
Taliban fighters advancing towards the village

The marines tries to fight them of

CAS arrives 
a well placed RPG round takes out the apache

Talban fighters uses a old sovjet BMP-1 to cover their advance
House to house fighting...

preparing an assault...

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