tisdag 30 december 2014

The Invincibles

During the Christmas holidays I meet up with "the wonder from Nottingham" Anders to fight our by now annual battle in Halmstad. This year we played "By fire and sword" at HFF,

It seems that all I get to play is PDF lists, this time was no exception, as Anders played the Swedish force the Invincibles. Its the same list as he played last summer but he had a bigger force, he had 11 points. I played the same list as I played last time against Andreas and Alexander, so I had 12 points.

As there was only one points difference we played a patrol scenario and one of my smaller boyar sons sotnias got delayed. I had reconnaissance advantage so I got to deploy one of my units one move outside my deployment zone, which I used to deploy my servant cossacks closer to the object on my left (the one furthest away). My center was to large boyar sons squadrons, while my left flank was protected by reiters and more servant cossacks.

I was aggressive and took all three objectives early while Anders played it cooler, this would prove a wise tactic as my center was soon in chaos while Anders Swedes was very well organized. My left flank was shattered as didnt use my reiters well and when they entered combat they failed miserably. The swedes really doesnt suffer the same problems as the muscovites as they can have three leaders, while my commanders struggles to be at the right place and to control the horde. I do battle to come to grips with how to play the muscovites... I did loose once again!

The last picture posted is a collection if what I have painted so far, this is my divisional force. About 17 points in all, next step is to paint some artillery for the force.

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