fredag 23 maj 2014

Bolt action tournament

This weekend we held our first Bolt action tournament in Lund. Not knowing how much terrain we could get hold of, neither knowing how many who would like to attended, we settled for a 600 point tournament. So we "only" needed to fill 120x120 tables with terrain. Another advantage of this was that it would not be to hard for complete beginners to attend.

To simplify it further we set up each table with a different scenario and objectives already decided. The scenarios we used was these once; Demolition, Top secret, Point Defence, Hold until Relieved and Frontal assault. All except the last one was from the rulebook with some modifications to better fit the smaller tables. Frontal assault was borrowed from A total of ten eager gamers showed up, and four of them were from Denmark. And soon we were playing some intense battles, participating armies was, two SS forces, German pioneers, fallshirmjägers, Italians, Japanese, three US forces and British paras.

After seven hours and three gamerounds, Frans and his US troops supported by "the meatchopper" stood victorious having won all his games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we learned that we have enough terrain to make another tournament with 120x180 cm tables so we will be back with more Bolt action events like this.

Thanks to all the players and Kulturkommissariatet, who brought a small shop and sponsored the event (with help from Warlord games) with prizes.

The Results:
1. Frans (US)
2.Jesper and Patrick (UK and Germans)
4.Henrik (Japan)
5.David, Andreas (Deathbullar) and Ole (Pioneers, germans and Italians)
8.Oscar (US rangers)
9. Andreas O (FJ)
-. Daniel, M.I.A. (US)

Next event will probably be Sydcon in 1-3 august, Baltiska hallen, Malmö. It will not be a tournament, but we´ll arrange two demo tables, so people can try Bolt action if they are curious.

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  1. Looks like some interesting game.

  2. Yes, a lot of interesting games and coffee :)