tisdag 5 april 2016

Golden Kami II - a Bushido tournament

During this years Gothcon we held the second Golden kami. This was the second time Peder and I organized a Bushido tournament at Gothcon, last year we had ten participants. This time around we had 14 players (me included) and many new faces!

We decided to play four games, with these scenarios: 'the Messenger', 'the Idols', 'Botoku' and 'Omaju'. The theme cards had really made an impact this years as only one or two players didn't use any and Temples 'Righteous warriors' being very popular, all four temple was based on that theme. I also played with a theme, a less successful though, Yurei´s 'Death and decay'.

After four games we had a winner, Magnus! Thanks to all that attended and especially those that helped and brought along terrain.

The Results
  1. Magnus "Wendel" Wendel - Temple
    Erik - Magnus - Martin 
  2. Martin "MartyOne" Holmgren - Tengu
  3. Erik "ErikS" Sundberg - Temple
  4. Rickard Andersson - Temple
  5. Peder "Bobo" Harty - Savage wave
  6. Andreas "Isak" Isaksson - Ito
  7. Samuel "samuelmichaelsson" Michaëlsson - Yurei
  8. Erik "McGordon" Sjöberg - Silvermoon
  9. Jonas "Ecksen" Rådemar - Savage wave
  10. Max "Nakuni" Christiansson
  11. Mark Lagerlöf
  12. Johan "Ret_johanem" Malmström - Yurei
  13. Victor Holmqvist
  14. Klas "Klasseman" Edlund - Temple 
Magnus was playing with this:
  • Master Po - 12 
  • Oki Shisa - 11
  • Yumi - 9
  • Yukki - 8
  • Hotaru - 6
  • Aiko - 4
  • Righteous warriors
  • Kami of Eternal earth - (4)

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