onsdag 2 december 2015

The rising sun - Bushido tournament

Last weekend Peder and I went to Gothenburg to participate in a Bushido tournament held by Ulf.

We were going to be eight players, but by Saturday morning we were six players. I think Bushido is a quite fun game, but it can easily go stagnant in how you build your list, so with that in mind I tried something different this time.  I took Silvermoons trade syndicate and this was my build:

  • Honoka 5
  • Hakushi 7
  • Dakufaia 10
  • 2x Kyoaku-Han 8
  • Sukuratchi 5
  • Wakasu Akuma 1
  • Okkete San 2
  • Wasupu 6
  • Wakasu Gorilla 6
So a lot of models, many of them quite weak but some cool synergies between the animal handlers and animals.

In the first game I played against Carl who played Cult of Yurei in a game of Seigyo. Carl used a Kami of choking Fog to cover his warband, but he got to preoccupied with killing my warband, that I could get a more objectives than him. a big turning point was when my lepoard managed its fear test and was able to charge Taka and kill her, which in turn "killed" Wrath. It ended a 2-0 win for me.

Next up was Rickard and his Temple in Ryodo.
Rickard sent Oki shisa into the middle ring and I was struggling the entire battle to retake it. Meanwhile I had sent Dakufaia and two Kyoaku-Han to take the ring closest to Rickard, which went quite well, except it took Dakufaia a bit to long to kill of the Fire kami that Rickard sent to keep me occupied. In the end it was a 3-0 win for Rickard.

For the last game I got to play against Ulf with Prefecture of Ryu in the Messenger. I secretly choose Hakushi the leopard as my VIM. Wasupu being frustrated after being held back in to games against his will realy got to shine in this round, first destroying the Ancestor spirit and also helping in killing Hiro. While the Ryo soldiers where busy fighting Hakushi silently sneaked past their lines and into the opposite deployment zone. Ulf tried to stop it with Matsu Takashi, but is was a thin straw and all here ranged attacks failed. She was surely ended with a charge from behind by the monk Dakufaia, aoch! 3-0 to me

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