söndag 14 december 2014

Second Bolt action tournament 2014

Late in November Magnus and I held our second Bolt action tournament this year. This time we allowed 800 points platoons, standard force selector. This time around we used a normal sized boards as we noticed last time that we had quite a lot terrain left after we had set up the tables last time. And I had made a completely new desert lay out with enough terrain for one table and I borrowed Peders snowy pine trees and I had done some snow covered houses. Peter was kind and brought with him two full tables worth of terrain too.

We wanted to fit it all in one day so we opted for a three game tournament. This time we got access to the rooms a couple of hours on Friday so that we could set up the terrain before the event.

On Saturday morning 10 eager players arrived ready to play some Bolt action. Over the day we played three sets of games, even Magnus and I got to play two games each. The winner was David, who won the new bolt action theatre book Battleground Europe. We had two more prices which we gave out through a sweepstake, Andreas won a rangers box and Oscar won some dices. All prices was sponsored by Warlord games (through Kulturkommissariatet) and Magnus.

The results:

1. David Johansson - Soviet
2. Björn Nilsson - British Airborne
    Jesper Hansen - British Airborne
4. Andreas Olsson - German FJ
5. Christopher Hopper - British Airborne
6. Peter Strand - US
    Daniel Johansson - Finns
    David Molander - German
    Patrick Beck - Soviet
10. Oscar Wenliden - US Rangers

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nice tables, but I can never get around that notion of doing WW2 tournaments... I mean, I know it's just a game but to me Red Devils vs Yanks in Normandy, or even worse, against finns (or is it soviet?) in a winter landscape just looks so wrong to me.

  2. For me personally a tournament has one purpose and it has been since I started going to 40k and warhammer tournaments back when those games fit on a gaming table! :) Its been about meeting new people and having fun. And from these people I have meet through the years I have made good friends who I do play more historical "correct" games. I even done that in warhammer.
    For me tournaments is the easiest way to get people to get together, not historical correct scenarios. Believe my I tried it so many times.
    That being said, I should end by mentioning that the next event being held is a Normandy themed larger Bolt action game during the holidays.

    1. Yeah, I know. I've been going to tournaments and conventions for that purpose as well, it's just that it breaks my "immersion" in the game, if you put it that way. It's not a reflection on the game per se, just the tournament form. It's much easier for me to stomach "blue on blue" games in fantasy or S/F environments.