torsdag 7 augusti 2014

Even more Bolt Action

After the success of our small Bolt action tournament earlier this year Magnus and I wanted to do another event. This time we wanted to get together as many local players as possible as we have gotten alot of questions about Bolt action from people outside BKS. So we set a date, a sunday in July (27/7) and told everyone we had run into to come and play.

As many dont have a painted army (or even an army at all), we said that you didnt even have to bring an army. Between Magnus, Daniel and me we had six armies to lend. It was not a tournament just a chance for people to meet new players and for some to try the game for the first time. During the day we played about ten battles in all and a total of 13 players tried the game out. Thanks to every one who attended. Later this year we will probably do tournament again, at moment we´re thinking about a 800 points tournament.

And now some pictures:

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  1. Det såg kul ut, turnering låter fint. På målarbordet står just nu ca 500 p amerikaner, så jag kommer gärna. :-)