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Argyll advance - Normandy ´44- Monty´s EPSOM

Date: 29 june 1944, 0800 hours
Location: Sligthly south of the bridges across the Odon River, north of Gavrus, Normandy.
On the morning of 29 June, B-company of 2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 15th Scottish division, was selected to probe south to Gavrus with the task of occupying the the town, Magnus took the role as commander of these forces to try to achieve that:

  • 2x Patrol teams - 6 man each
  • 1x Infantry squad - 10 man strong
  • 1x Reinforced Infantry squad - 10 man strong w. PIAT
  • 1x 6lb Anti-tank gun
  • 1x 2" mortar
Occupying the outskirts of Gavrus, was elements of 12th SS panzer division, commanding these was Johan:

  • 1x SdKfz 234/2
  • 2x Panzer grenadiers teams – 4 man strong w. MG-42
  • 1x MMG team
  • 1x Panzer grenadier team – 6 man strong

The objective for the Scotts was to capture atleast two buildings (marked with a * on the map). To do that Magnus had to push his troops hard against the germans. The first house took to long to clear, at  the end of turn eight the british troops where just starting to move up to house two. The assault was over and the germans had just lost one squad.

The inspiration for this scenario and much of this text comes from a book called "Normandy ´44 - Monty´s EPSOM" from a series called Skirmishcampaigns. Its really good books, you get scenarios from real WW2 battles, one page with bakground and rules, one with a map and two with the opposing forces. I think most of them work perfect for Botl action, and you get away from boring win at all costs list that you can build in pointbased games.

Next up is Crucible at Gavrus as the allies try to push forward to Gavrus.

As an extra cool feature I looked up Gavrus on googlemaps and found that it looks very similar to the map, and you get an idea how the battlefield did look like when you use the walkthrough function.

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  1. I completely agree with the Skirmish Campaign Books give a more interesting aspect of the game. Nice game anyway.