torsdag 1 oktober 2015

Ito - The second coming

In preparation for our Bushido tournament Golden Kami a couple of weeks ago I did a second big push to finish some more models for my Ito clan. Iwas using the new Theme card that came in Itos upgrade pack. In it your only allowed to use models with the 'Blood of Orochi' trait and animals.

In my list was:

  • Kenzo 
  • Kaihime
  • Yuui
  • The Jade witch (Ayako)
  • Satsuki
  • Saburo

As I had none of these models painted before it was a great opportunity to them finished. I also finished Naoko, or as I was going to find out  by looking at the photos that I wasn't quite finished as I still has some work on the face. I also made some new markers for the Jade Witchs 'Death sentence' and 'Blood of Orochi' as the markers are very important for me, confusion setting in quite fast in games like Bushido.
Kenzo, Yuui and Kaihime
Naoko, markers and Saburo

Ayoko and Satsuki

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