måndag 21 september 2015

Golden Kami 2015 - Bushido tournament

This last Saturday we had a Bushido tournament in Malmö, the Golden Kami. We were seven  players including myself and Peder, so we alternated playing so that we would be even.

There was a good spread of fractions the only double being when I played as I used Ito, we even had a hastly painted Shadowwind clan. We played four games, the scenarios being these once; the Messenger, Botoku, Ninki and the Idols.

After four games we had a top three with equal points (24), but Ulf had beaten both Jonas and Mattias so he was once again the winner of a Bushido tournament (he won our Bushido tournament earlier this year at Gothcon). I think the former Swedish Bushido master (Andreas I) must come back from his retirement, we want a face off between these two giants!


1. Ulf - Ryu
2. Jonas - Ito
3. Mattias - Silvermoon
4. Magnus - Temple
5. Carl - Shadowwind
6. Peder -  Savage wave

I would like to thank Spelens hus and Jonatan von Seth for helping with the venue, a great place for gaming. If you live in the area and like games you should really check it out.

For those that are interested here is what Ulf was winning with:

Prefecture of Ryu
Isamu - 7
Madoka - 4
Genji - 9
Minuro - 5
Daisuke - 4
Fujitaka - 6
Yarimen - 5
Yarimen - 5
Guardsman - 4
Elexir of Vigor - 1

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