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UK games Expo 2015 (Part two) - Bushido Grand Masters

In this second part of UK games expo I'll focus on the Bushido tournament I participated in. It was run by GCT studios (the producers of the game) in one of the big gaming halls at the Expo.

Battle one - 'The envoy'
Opponent - James H, Cult of Yurei (Yama Uba, Penanggalan, Nezumi Kan, Ratswarms, Nezumi, Taka & Wrath)

For my first battle I got a Cult list, that had two new acquaintances Yama Uba and Penanggalan. After this tournament that would be remedied as I played against them three respectively two times. I even made the foolish choice of making Yama as VIM...

We had a big wall running through the most part of the battlefield, effectively dividing it in two. I was afraid to get flanked so used to much of my "gang" to protect it and was to slow in getting them in combat when fighting started.

James had control of the battle the entire time, killing my VIM (Wasapu) by making him 'aggressive' and then easily killing him in combat. While this happened James VIM was disguised and my only free model to engage "her" was a Kyoaku-Han, who couldn't even reveal her as he only has Ki statistic of one!

Result: 0 (0-3)

Scarred, stunned and exhausted in Birmingham

Battle two - 'The idols'
Opponent - Richard C, Temple of Rokan (Hisao, Fisherman, Rice farmer, Riku, Suchiro, Kintaru, Aiko & Gorilla)

This time around it was Temple who was my opponent and the list contained alot of new "faces" for me, Hisao, Suchiro and Aiko.

In the center Tautola was keeping the Rokans busy, while on the left flank Fitiaumua scared the Gorilla for two turns with his special ability, all while he went around the flank and took out the weaker support in the back. On the right flank I was introduced to Riku´s Tsunami, the more flimsy Silvermoons was swept away but Manu was unaffected, so he soon was in combat with Riku.

Result: 7 (2-1)
Fitiaumua the Bully

Battle three - 'Ryodo'
Opponent - Leonardo Wayland , Cult of Yurei (Mo Ises, Nezumi, Penanggalan, Tadao, Yama Uba, Taka & Wrath)

Third battle, second Cult list and a area control mission, for some reason we never play them "back home". So I had no clue what I did and my opponent had full control, at the end of the battle I did a bit of a comeback as I finally remembered my  'Dark Secret' card, apparently the Silvermoons had some compromising  information about the Nezumi. After some quick words the big rat turned around and killed Mi Ises, what a rat!

Result: 1 (0-2)
"Why are we fighting over a piece of round paper?!"

Battle four - 'Ninki'
Opponent - George Lees, Cult of Yurei (Yama Uba, Ikimyo, Tadao, Karai: Kusatta, Armoured, farmer and militia)

So it was time for the Cult again... this time a Karai heavy list, supported by the infamous Ikimyo and by now much feared Yama Uba. This was my worst played game of the day and seven hours in a large loud hall finally took its toll on me. My opponent was nice and friendly (as the previous three), he had a beautiful painted gang (as you can see below) which he painted in one week, but my heart wasn´t in the game no more.

My one point in the game I got from Manu praying at one of the enemy objectives scoring more points than he could achieve in what was left of the game.

Result: 2 (1-2)
Georges Cult


It was great fun to play the tournament, GCT is very friendly and so are the players of Bushido. I have one complaint though and from what I understood it wasn´t GCT fault. The gaming hall was to crowded and the it was quite loud with that many people playing and in motion all the time. The Expo has apparently grown out of the convention hotel it was held in, and they are aware of it, next year some of the events will move to the close by convention hall of N.E.C.


I might have gotten some of my opponents name wrong and I am not 100% sure about my scoring in each battle. 

Here is the final result:
  1. Chris Hales - Savage wave
  2. James Lawrence - Cult of Yurei
  3. Kris Raynes - Ito clan
  4. James Hasker - Cult of Yurei
  5. Jason Enos - Temple of Rokan
  6. Oskar Jansson - Ito clan
  7. Andy Palmer - Ito clan
  8. Ben Sheridan - Silvermoon syndicate
  9. Peder Harty - Prefacture of Ryu
  10. Leonardo Wayland - Cult of Yurei
  11. Georges Lees - Cult of Yurei
  12. Andy Garrard - Prefacture of Ryu
  13. Colin Tough - Savage wave
  14. Johan Malmström - Silvermoon syndicate
  15. Robert Stenholm - Prefacture of Ryu
  16. Richard Cardall -  Temple of Rokan
Four of 16 players where from Sweden, with Oskar being the best-placed swede!

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