torsdag 2 april 2015

By fire and sword championship 2015 - day three and four

...what happened? I started to fell rather sick on Saturday evening and I woke in the middle of the
night with fever, thinking "there is no way I can play felling like this. But with help of medicine I got up in the morning and managed to play my two games, and with better results than the day before.

First I meet polish player that played swedes, and this was probably my best game of the weekend and we didn't get past turn three. But we really had fun, talked, discussed the rules the thing I hoped I would be able to do in all my battles, but its hard in two hours, especially with all new effects in 'the Deluge'.

The last game was against the slowest person I have ever meet in an tournament, but as neither of us did anything except the last turn we did play all six turns in under two hours.

After the price ceremony we went back into town and the hotel. I said goodbye to the other swedes as they were leaving in the morning next day and I was flying home in the evening. I went to my room and crashed, I think I slept for 11 hours.

My original plan was to do some sightseeing on Monday, but I was not in shape for that so I stayed at the hotel until I had to check out and then went for a short walk around old town and to the Warsaw Uprising monument.

So next time I´ll go into a little more detail about my battles and experiences, and some more pictures.

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