fredag 27 mars 2015

By fire and sword championship 2015 - day one

Soon the first day in Warsaw is over, we arrived earlier todayand was picked up by Jakub
from Wargamer. On our way to the hotel we picked up Anders who arrived yesterday. After checkin in at the hotel we went to the museum of Polish army. Some parts where better than others (the parts that had any information in english), the collection of weapons from 1500-1600 the most intresting and well preserved. Outside there where some military vehicles in a sad state of decay as they were left standing outside. The highlights was a sturmovik and a Hind helicopter which made Anders excitedmlike a child and mumbling sometjing about "soon you will be mine".

At the afternoon we meet up with Alexander and his girlfriend for some supper. Alex brought to my attention that Wargamer hadnt recived my armylists so I would only be allowd to play with one list, I resend my mail, so hopefuly it will all be sorted out until tomorrow. So now it is of to the bed and some much needed sleep, while Anders and the kids do Warsaw by night.

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