tisdag 23 september 2014

By Fire and sword tournament

This weekend there was a 'By fire and sword tournament' at SF in Lund. To my knowledge its the first of its kind in Sweden. We had managed to gather ten players, which is quite good as BF&S is still new outside Poland. I was taking my 'Muscovites' and I had struggled the week before to get everything painted of the 'Zasieczna guard' skirmish force.
My list was:

  • Golova and lieutenant colonel
  • 6 border dragoon companies
  • 4 Servant cossacks sotnia
  • 2 falconet 1,5 pdr
  • + 3 servant cossacks bases because of the 'Ludiej unas mnoga' rule.

First game was against Alexanders Gdansk force. We where equal in points so we played a patrol mission. For additional effect I rolled 'Delayed' on one of Alex infantry, Alex rolled 'Bad day' so my already inept commander had a really bad day and only one command point. I had more 'Reconnaissance points' so I got to move one of my units before the game started, a servant cossacks unit on the right flank.
I deployed all my servant cossacks on the right flank, on the left the border dragoons and cannons secured the closest objective. The game really was fought on the right flank with Alexanders cavalry pushing my numerous but weaker servant cossacks. It was really hard to command the Muscovite horde with only two command points. In the end we had taken two objectives each and had suffered equal loses, so it was a draw. 3-3

Second games was against Patrik from Stockholm, who played Lithuanians. His force was a bit larger in points than mine, so after rolling for missions I chose 'Capture the Crossings', mostly cause I never played it before. In front of the bridge which I was going to defend I but some border dragoons with spears, and behind the dismounted Servant cossacks as support, along the river I but my cannons and rifle armed border dragoons. In reserve I but the rest of the servant cossacks, still mounted. As random game effect I rolled 'Panic', which turned out to be in effect to Patrik most veteran unit, who spend half the game 'disorganized', so he send his commander to but some courage back in them. This in turn meant that the troops that where sent over the ford never did get any charge orders so I could use my superior firepower without any risk of being charged. 5-1

In third game I faced off against Robin as he had most tournament points and I was one point after him. Robin and I had played recently and I had some real problems his Ottomans. We played 'Patrol' and Robin used his cavalry to quickly seize all of the objectives and my sloppy measuring, meant that I didn't even get the closest objective. Robin charged some of my servant cossacks on my left flank, while the rest of his force backed up in open order which meant that my shooting couldn't really do any damage. Ottomans has been the hardest force yet to play against. 0-6

I had really a good time in all my games, accept maybe my last game against Robin (not his fault). I was tired, the draw back of painting late at night the week before the games and all the rules to leep track off. I think we should have kept the tournament a bit more simple. All of us are still learning the rules and at this moment I think that at least I would have enjoyed it more with less rules. The rules to play in a village is just nuts!

Now that I have painted all that I have for this skirmish force, I'm going to turn my attention to Boyar sons while I wait for my stuff from the Deluge kickstarter.

Now for some pictures, I took most in the first game against Alex, cause it was the most exciting and I was more alert. After the weekend I also took some pictures of my force.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3
Command points
Border dragoons

Servant cossacks

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